I’ve recently completed filming a CBBC Drama “Wolfblood Secrets” (featured clip) This 10 x 30 min drama has recently been transmitted on CBBC. The Drama was directed by Pip Banyard and Series Produced by John Piper. I shot the drama on a Sony F55 with Arri Ultra Prime Lenses.

I had the pleasure of working with the SFX crew on Harry Potter “Order of Pheonix” Filming motion capture of the actors to create the CGI characters for the live action sequences. This involved filming the actors on green screen from 4 angles, the SFX crew then took this footage and created the CGI characters.

I’ve been involved with filming promos for “The First Congress”. “Found Wanting” and “A Good Problem”, both singles are due for commercial release soon, both promos were Directed by Tom Van Can.

Additional clips to view

Golden Delicious. A short film by Tom Tyrwhitt

Promo’s for Chateau Mcely, Limewood Hotel and Spa and By Appointment only.

Lisa Stansfield, All around the World. Nik Kershaw, I won’t let the sun go down on me.

The clips displayed are to demonstrate the high standard of working practices and professional skills of Geraint Warrington Director of Photography