A selection of clips from the ITV1 primetime documentary series “Death Row Countdown to Execution” presented by Susanna Reid.

We follow Death Row prisoner Patrick Murphy and Billy Coble as they approach their execution dates. Filming the series was very challenging, filming in the Polunsky maximum security prison in Texas and dealing with intense subject matter, particularly interviewing the victims families and Death Row prisoners.

New Lives in the Wild has now completed production on it’s ninth series and I’ve been involved with the series from the start. I’ve currently shot over 20 hour programmes working in some of the remotest locations around the globe. Filming the series involves working in extreme conditions from +50c in the Australian outback to working at -30c in the Mongolian winter. Here’s some clips from the episode I filmed in Morocco, it was the 50th episode and a particular favourite of mine. I’ve been nominated for a GTC Award of Excellence for the filming of this episode.

Compilation of clips taken from the New Lives in Wild episodes I filmed back in 2018, we travelled to Northern Norway, New Zealand, Canada and Brazil to stay in the amazing Amazon rain forest.

New Lives in the Wild, Mongolia.

“The Great African Migration” a 4 x 1 hour documentary series following the Wildebeest Migration across the African plains. The series took a whole year to film and was made up of 5 filming blocks. Most of the filming took place in Tanzania with 1 filming block taking place in Kenya’s Masai Mara to film the dramatic river crossings.
The series was a combination of Natural History filming and Ben’s Journey, meeting the scientist’s, the local people and the local tribes as the migration crossed from Tanzania into Kenya. I was responsible for the Wildlife Filming, Time-lapse and Landscape filming for the whole series. For more information visit my Projects page.

Piers Morgan and the President of the United States. The interview took place at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. President Trump – The Piers Morgan interview was transmitted on ITV. For more information please visit my projects page.

Instagram destinations was a series of films for ITV, a travelogue with a difference with instagram sensation Jeremy Jauncey. We travelled to Jordan and Canada for the VT’s, we tried to create a very stylised visual film using a combination of the Sony F55, the Sony A7s on a gimbal and a drone.

The Sidemen Show, a You Tube original series shot in 4K. Adventure series.

Part of the BBC Civilisations series, Weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker reveals his passion – and talent – for the art of portraiture and discovers that our modern obsession with image is nothing new.

Presenter Rob Bell finds out about the South of England’s great sporting inventions. From developing the world’s first engineered wing suit, to trailing Hawkeye’s new invention VAR – video assisted Refereeing at a football match in Italy.

A selection of clips from Phillip Schofield’s series on South African. The 3 x 30 min series was shown on ITV1, during the series Phillip cage dived with sharks, abseiled off Table Mountain, sampled the local wine and saw first hand the amazing conservation work that’s being done to help save the Rhino.

Presented by Steve Backshall this compelling 60 min programme uncovers the secretive world of the hedgehog. From the work of Amazing Grace Rescue Centre, set up by rock legend Brain May, to following people around the country who are doing all they can to help the hogs.

I was the UK DOP on this Channel 4 programme “Our Wildest Dreams” This episode follows ex-businesswoman Mari as she leaves her home in Greenwich, London for a new life in Ecuador, for a distant isolated corner of the Amazon.

I’m one of the few Directors of Photography to have worked with the complex 3D medium accumulating in over 15 hours transmission time. I’ve filmed four 1 hour 3D documentaries for Sky and Discovery on World War 1 presented by Sir Tony Robinson. The clips shown are taken from the series transmitted in 2D on Discovery. Following on from the success of World War 1 3D Discovery commissioned World War 2 “Victory in Europe” to commemorate the 70th anniversary of VE day.

Additional clips to view

Ben Fogle “New Lives in the Wild” Series 5. Mongolia, Morocco and Canada.

Little British Isles with Alison Steadman. Renegade Pictures for C4

Ben Fogle “New Lives in the Wild”series 1 – 4 Australian Outback, Indian Himalayas, Georgia,Texas, Panama, Laos.

World War 1 in 3D. Renegade Pictures for Discovery and Sky 3D

Tarrant in the Land of the Polar Bear. ITV

Death Row Dates. Athena Films for Discovery

Monkey Life “Vietnam Special” Primate Planet for Five and Animal Planet

Dolphin Days. Athena Films for Discovery

BBC Young Musician of the Year. BBC

The clips displayed are to demonstrate the high standard of working practices and professional skills of Geraint Warrington Director of Photography