Geraint Warrington Director of Photography Documentary Showreel 2020.

I’ve included clips from the following programmes:

New Lives in the Wild, Northern Norway, Morocco and Ethiopia. Renegade Pictures for Five

Countdown to Execution. Multi Story Media for ITV

Great African Migration, Renegade Pictures for Five

President Trump, the Piers Morgan Interview. ITV Studios

Beautiful Destinations. ITV Studios

Hope the clips showcase my work as a DOP, for further information please contact me and for bookings contact my diary / agency Linkline 02084262200.

An extended version of the showreel can be viewed on my Documentary page. Happy Viewing!

I also played and composed the music featured in the showreel.

A selection of time-lapses created whilst on my travels around the world working as a DoP. Most of the clips where created whilst filming Ben Fogle “New Lives in the Wild” During the Coronovirus lock down I can only look back at the shoots and wonder when we’ll start travelling again.

I hope you enjoy the showreel but hope you like the music too. I played and composed the music to accompany the showreel. “Coming Home” was recoded at Abbey Road Studio 2, the same studio which the Beatles recoded most of their albums. It was recorded on a beautiful Steinway in one take. I was filming in the studio and the opportunity arose. I must thank Grant Covacic and the engineer at Abbey Road for the recording. It was an amazing experience, one I will never forget.