We’ve had a busy summer working on some exciting projects. With my business partner Glen Keywood, our UAV company Create Flying Pictures have been working on a multitude of projects for the main Broadcasters and Corporate clients.

We were commissioned by Stepping Stone Media to produce the aerial images for two Waitrose campaigns on Organic Farming. This involved flying the Inspire 1 V2 Pro with the new Zenmuse X5 camera with Olympus prime lenses to capture some stunning images of some organic farms in Lincolnshire.

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Create Flying Pictures were also commissioned by Renegade Pictures to produce all the aerials for an ITV Documentary series “The Nik” The series follows the officers based at Brighton Police Station. After some long and complex planning we used the Inspire 1 Pro with the X5 camera to produce some stunning images. This project involved some congested area filming, we had to work closely with the Police and Brighton council to facilitate the shoot, here are a selection of stills taken from the shoot.

website-12 website-10 website-9 website-11 website-8

For further information on using a Drone on your next project please contact me info@createflyingpictures.com