Here are a selection of clips from Ben Fogle “New Lives in the Wild” In this episode, Ben meets a 61-year-old Barbara from Switzerland who has lived alone in an isolated camp in the Australian bush for eight years. Ben spends a week with Barbara and finds out how tough life is surviving in the Australia bush.

I was the Director of Photography on this episode, it was a challenge to film simply for being so remote and dealing with the constant 45 – 50 degree heat. We started filming at 5am just to try and work in the coolest part of the day, by 9am though the temperatures where hitting 45-50c.

We shot the episode on a Sony F55 with Canon Lenses, the camera coped brilliantly in the heat.

Director / Senior Producer Natalie Wilkinson
Producer Sean McDonnell
Sound Terry Meehan
1st Cam Assistant Jackson Wardle