Create Flying Pictures, Aerial filming services for the TV, Film and Corporate industry

Combining 40 years of Broadcast and Aviation experience 

With the expansion of aerial filming through the use of Drones UAV, I’m pleased to announce that I can now offer Aerial Filming as part of my expanding skill mix.

Create Flying Pictures was set up with my business partner Glen Keywood to provide a unique combination of professional aerial filming and commercial flight. Providing Aerial Filming/ Photography to my existing, prospective client base within the TV and commercial industry.

Create Flying Pictures will offer a unique combination of my 20 years experience working as a Lighting Cameraman/ Director of Photography with Glen’s 20 years experience working within the Commercial Aviation industry as a Senior Captain with British Airways. Offering this skills mix will not only offer clients creative, dynamic Aerial Filming but with the safety and planning that is so essential in the Commercial Aviation industry. In short, I’ll help you produce the best Aerial filming possible and Glen will make sure the operation is safe, achievable and legal. These combined skills will ensure that your creative goals are achieved efficiently and safely.

Create Flying Pictures is fully CAA approved and both Glen and I are fully qualified to fly DJI Inspire 1 Drone UAV in most locations. We’ll offer a complete service from planning to task completion. This includes pre flight planning, location review, equipment requirement and risk assessment through to the completion of the creative task.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your future aerial shoot, with our combined experience, we’ll make sure that any aerial filming we undertake will be visually dynamic as well as safe.