My Time-lapse work is featured extensively in Ben Fogle “New Lives in the Wild”. Used mainly as transition shots to go from Day to night or to show a transition of time. There is nothing more effective than a time-lapse to demonstrate this. I was also responsible for all the time-lapse work on “The Great African Migration” Working with the African skies and landscapes was a real joy. There are a selection of clips to view below in my Time-lapse Showreel 2016.

My time-lapse work has been utilised in the corporate world. I was commissioned by Red Banana Productions to produce the time-lapse photography for the Francis Crick institute, the time-lapse was used to show the installation process of their new Sculpture “Paradigm” Designed by Conrad Shawcross for their new Head Quarters in London. Clip shown below.

I have also utilized my other passion, that of the piano, to write and perform the music accompanying my showreel, recorded at Abbey Road Studios on the very Steinway grand that Freddie Mercury played Bohemian Rhapsody! 

The clips displayed are to demonstrate the high standard of working practices and professional skills of Geraint Warrington Director of Photography