New Lives in the Wild has now completed production on it’s sixth series and I’ve been involved with the series from the start. I’ve shot 15 hour programmes in some of the remotest locations around the globe. We’re just about to start production on series 7 and the featured clip is taken from an episode filmed in outer Mongolia. Many other clips from other programmes are available to view below.

“The Great African Migration” a 4 x 1 hour documentary series follows the Wildebeest Migration across the African plains. I was responsible for the Wildlife Filming, Time-lapse and Landscape filming for the whole series. For more information visit my Projects page.

I was recently asked to be the Lighting Camera on an exclusive interview with Piers Morgan and the President of the United States. The interview took place at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. President Trump – The Piers Morgan interview was transmitted on ITV. For more information please visit my projects page.

I’m one of the few Directors of Photography to have worked with the complex 3D medium accumulating in over 15 hours transmission time. I’ve filmed four 1 hour 3D documentaries for Sky and Discovery on World War 1 presented by Sir Tony Robinson. The clips shown are taken from the series transmitted in 2D on Discovery. Following on from the success of World War 1 3D Discovery commissioned World War 2 “Victory in Europe” to commemorate the 70th anniversary of VE day.

Additional clips to view

President Trump – The Piers Morgan Interview ITV1

Schofield’s South African Adventure. ITV1

Ben Fogle “New Lives in the Wild” Series 5. Mongolia, Morocco and Canada.

The Great African Migration. Renegade Pictures for Five and BBC Worldwide

Ben Fogle “New Lives in the Wild”series 1 – 4 Australian Outback, Indian Himalayas, Georgia,Texas, Panama, Laos. Renegade Pictures for Five and BBC Worldwide.

Little British Isles with Alison Steadman. Renegade Pictures for C4

World War 1 in 3D. Renegade Pictures for Discovery and Sky 3D

World War 2 in 3D “Victory in Europe”. Renegade Pictures for Discovery and Sky 3D.

Tarrant in the Land of the Polar Bear. ITV

Death Row Dates. Athena Films for Discovery

Monkey Life “Vietnam Special” Primate Planet for Five and Animal Planet

Dolphin Days. Athena Films for Discovery

BBC Young Musician of the Year. BBC


The clips displayed are to demonstrate the high standard of working practices and professional skills of Geraint Warrington Director of Photography